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— Are you still worried about your four-legged friends not having a comfortable sleep? Can you find a dog bed/cat bed that meets your requirements? Don’t worry, the calming dog bed will meet all the needs of you and your four-legged friends.

Natural PP Cotton

Nature PP cotton filling is safe for pets. However, BE CAUTIOUS and keep your furry friend safe as this product is not meant for consumption even if the material is safe!

Non-slip Waterproof Bottom

Non-slip waterproof bottom prevents the accidental liquid from reaching your bed floor and ensures the bottom to firmly hold on the floor.

Thicker Plush

Thicker plush and more cotton filling keep the bed’s useful life for up to 3X’s longer than standard pet beds.

Raised Rim

The thick raised rim provides head and neck support for your pet.

Cuddler Bed

The soft deep groove with thick plush side envelops your pet in comfort and safety.

Package Contents:

– 1 x Dog Bed (Vacuum packaging)

Soft & Cozy Pet Bed: This Plush Donut dog bed made of 3cm plush,comfortable and soft,take care of the skin of your pets.offering maximum comfort and warmth for your four-legged friends.donut shape provide head & neck support,while the super soft filling PP cotton and muscle pain relief,provides more comfortable deep sleep.
Valid Head & Neck Support: This pet round bed is soft trim on the inside, donut shape with warm fur, surrounding bolster to support our friends’ head and neck, absolutely a good supporter for our friends’ head, neck and body.
6 Size Choice: 40cm donut bed for pets up to 2.5kg, 50cm donut bed for pets up to 7kg, 60cm donut bed for pets up to 10kg, 70cm donut bed for pets up to 15kg, 80cm donut bed for pets up to 20kg, 100cm donut bed for pets up to 30kg.
Easy to Clean: Fluffy Soft Plush Round Cat cushion Bed,comfortable, keeps your dogs a good time to sleep in cold winter.Every bed is safe in the washing machine.In order to keep fluffy, we suggest that better to hand wash. Easy care for the cat bed makes your pets are easier to keep a comfortable and clean sleeping space.
Non-Slip Bottom: The non-skid bottom keeps pet bed in place,not easy to slip and pill.And the bottom is waterproof and mildew proof, you can put it anywhere you want. NOTE: The package is vacuum-compressed. Please open the package after receiving the product and adjust it manually to make it fluffy.



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