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Washable Plush Dog Bed
The plush side of the dog bed is tightly stitched, the soft padding and the non-slip bottom and washable overall are the best choice for a dog bed.

Dog beds are available in different sizes and are perfect for small, medium and large cats and dogs.

The product can be machine washed or simply vacuumed and your dog will always have a clean bed.

vacuum packaging
The dog bed is vacuum packed. After opening the vacuum bag, do not leave the dog bed in place and wait for it to automatically recover. It needs to be rubbed and shaken by hand to restore the fluffy feeling.

Both the round dog bed and the square dog bed have anti-slip beads at the bottom, which make the pet bed wear-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof, firm and not easy to move, more stable, and better integrated with the home. Bring it to your pet ❤❤❤

● Get your pet’s own bed: With this luxurious dog bed, your dog will feel like a part of the family.
●Dogs’ Favorite Place: This hard-wearing, scratch-resistant dog pad will make your pet feel at home. Thanks to the well-padded and cute plush recliner, your dog can relax in comfort.
●Stunning finish: the edge of the bed is raised and well padded for your dog to lean on; moreover, all seams are properly treated; moreover, it is made of non-slip with small pieces The underside made of fabric protects your dog from cold and humidity.
● Wide range of uses: suitable for large, medium and small pets. It can be used as a kennel in the living room as well as a comfortable dog bed in the bedroom, patio and car. Your paw friends will love it!
●Easy to clean: The pet bed is easy to vacuum and wash.



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