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Elevated Pet Bed Wooden Cat Hammock Detachable Portable Cooling Bed Indoor Outdoor Raised Pet Bed Nordic Home Decor for Small Dogs Cats House Supplies

– Material: Pine wood, cotton linen
– Size: About 53 X48 X13 cm/ 20.83X18.86X5.11inch

Package Including
1 x pet bed

PET HAMMOCK BED: Breathable cotton linen fabric, will not irritate pet skin. Your pet can rest comfortably in a hammock.
KITTEN SLEEPING BED: Natural pine wood frame can provide more stable support.
PUPPY COTS BEDS: Well- built frame helps the pet bed stable and safely elevated for your dog to rest easy on.
ELEVATED PET FURNITURE: It has a removable and washable design, so it can be washed repeatedly and is durable.
CAMPING DOG BEDS: It has an off- ground suspension design that does not touch the ground, effectively preventing moisture, and.


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