Lit pour animal de compagnie ultra doux, lit confortable pour chien, lit pour chien, lit pour chat, coussin en fausse fourrure pour animaux de petite ou moyenne taille…

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Perfect for Crate

Dog beds is multiple dimensions, You can select the size you need, perfect size for your crates

Fabric: Artificial sheepskin fleece cloth and smooth cloth

Internal: PP Cotton

Size: 39x32cm, 47x34cm, 56x40cm, 63x50cm, 76x59cm, 85x65cm, 100x80cm

Thickness: 5cm

Color: Black, coffee, blue, beige, purple, red


Ultra soft premium fabrics

Offers a silky skin touch feeling

Filled with soft cotton

Helps your pets reduce anxiety and sleep peacefully

Simply wash in a cold, gentle cycle separately (no bleach) and tumble dry low.

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1x Pet Bed

A Dog Bed, A Place of Their Own: Sleeping on hard surface is not preferred for the pet dogs as they are directly exposed to the heat or cold of the floor and are likely to develop orthopedic problems. A medium dog bed is a place where adult dogs can be the master of their domain, where they can snuggle, sleep or play in.
Available on Both Sides: Artificial sheepskin fleece + smooth cloth. Plush dog bed, artificial sheepskin fleece is very comfortable and warm, comfortable and soft to rest for pets. Provide a comfortable kennel for your pet that is suitable for the pet to rest and sleep.
Premium Dog Bed Crate Mat: Stuffed with premium PP fiber, ultra soft and breathable, your pet will feel surrounded by love, they could relax more easily. Non-toxic and breathable material create a cozy pet home for your lovely friend.
Size & Calming: The dimensions of this ultra soft bed is compatible for most types of house pets from cats, dogs and rabbits. The bed is ideally most suitable for dogs that are small to large sized.Provide your pet with the ultimate comfort when laying down. Works great as a stand alone pet bed or place inside a crate/cage for the ideal comfort.
Use at Home or in Car: Pets also need their own space where they can curl up and rest – Perfect for cats, dogs and other animals ,this bed can be used in crates, carriers, pet houses, elevated dog bed.



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