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–As most dog lovers will agree, dogs are not just pets, they are part of the family. They give us companionship and friendship, we want to keep our friends healthy and happy, choosing the right dog bedding is very important. Since dogs like to sleep in warm, cozy places, dog bed washable is an ideal choice for dogs who love curling up safely.


-The fluffy cozy plush makes the calming pet bed a more durable, relaxing and comfortable pets snuggle bed

-The raised rim supports the pet’s head and neck, providing a sense of security for your beloved pet

-Donut dog bed is surrounded by soft fabric, which will make your dog feels soft and warm

-The non-slip bottom of this plush donut pet bed ensures it in place stable and does not move easily

-Plush calming dog bed can be placed in your houses, crates, or cars, make sure your dog sleep comfortably anywhere

-Machine wash separately on a gentle cycle in cold water. Tumble dry with low heat


Material: Plush and quality PP fiber filled

Please allow 1-3 cm deviation due to manual measurement

*Package Includes:

1 * Pet Dog Bed

*Pet-Safe Materials: Our dog bed donut is made from luxurious faux fur and high-quality PP cotton that are non-toxic and friendly to your dog. With the super soft surface, this fluffy round dog bed delivers maximum comfort for young to aging dogs.
*Lightweight & Portable: This large anxiety dog bed is lightweight and portable, it can be moved to any room or our vehicle if needed. Let your pets stay comfortable during camping and traveling when outside.
*Non-slip bottom: The base using waterproof and anti-moisture oxford cloth makes it definitely slip resistant that grips the floor and sturdy. Your pet will not be limited to do any entertainment it likes without slipping.
*Anxiety-relief & Calming Down: Soft dog bed medium is ideal for pets to curl up and sprawl, the raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief so to relieve pet’s anxiety, help them calm down faster and sleep well.
*Washable dog bed: Support for machine cleaning. After washing, you can tapping with hand the dog bed to recover the fluffy feeling . Regular exposure dog bed to the sun can reduce bacteria and prolong the life of the dog bed.



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