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Acana’s new Heritage formulas have been created in celebration of 25 years of wholesome, wholeprey diets for pets. As always, these new formulas are still biologically appropriate and contain fresh, regional ingredients that are sourced within Canada. A few improvements have been made, however, to ensure each food provides the exact nutrients your dog needs to thrive. Some of these features include: 60 to 75% Meat – creates a protein-rich diet 1/3 Fresh Meat – keeps them in their most natural, wholesome form 3 Fresh, Meats – locally-sourced WholePrey Diet – includes meat, organs, and cartilage Carbohydrate Limited – only 30%, grain-free Low-Glycemic (GL9) – no potato, tapioca, or starch Fresh Fruits & Vegetables – locally-sourced Local Botanicals Single Supplement – Zinc Freeze-Dry Infused –freeze-dried liver for picky eaters All meats are fit for human consumption. ABOUT ACANA SMALL BREED PUPPY FOOD This food has been formulated to be biologically appropriate for puppies that will weigh up to 9 kg once they have fully matured. It is rich in a variety of animal proteins, which make up 70% of the food. This includes free-run chicken (meat, liver, heart, kidney, and cartilage) and whole eggs from Alberta farms, as well a wild-caught flounder from North Vancouver Island in British Columbia. For the remaining 30%, fresh vegetables, fruits, and botanicals from Alberta and British Columbia are used to provide a wide variety of essential nutrients to your developing puppy. Not to mention, there is only one supplement used in this food – zinc. This formula is 0% grains, gluten, potato, tapioca, and GMO. This is infused with Omega-3 Fatty Acids for luxuriant, healthy skin & coat. With all that said, this food is unmatched with its regional and fresh ingredients from Canada’s best to create a top quality food to keep your puppy healthy and happy! Made in Canada Made in Canada Biologically appropriate formula Regional sources for all ingredients Low-glycemic & limited carbo

Acana Small Breed Puppy is a Whole Prey Diet
3 Fresh, Meats – locally-sourced
Biologically appropriate formula
Made in Canada
70% Free-Run Cobb Chicken, Whole Grade-A Eggs & Wild-caught Flounder