Advanced Immune Restoration Program for Dogs (Large) Prix: 192.70$ (dès 26/09/2022 02:20 PST- Détails)

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Natural products can be a helpful addition to your dog’s health plan. In our experience, strengthening a dog’s immune system using the most time-tested ingredients will bring the best results. Advanced Immune Restoration Program is the only comprehensive program that supports the entire spectrum of the canine immune system. We encourage you to research PectaSol-C, Venus Flytrap, Bio PQQ, and the others to see for yourself the impact they can make on your animals health. In this protocol you will find a synergistic array of the most effective ingredients inspired by the research of world renowned scientist Dr. Joanna Budwig. To make sure our products are the very purest, we do not add fillers, flowing agents or anything other than what is on the label.

Large: Celloquent 220g, Vital Pet Lipids 8oz, Herbal Anti 2oz
Comprehensive 3 Part Program to Support Canine Immune Competence