Pro Plan Wet Dog Food, Chicken & Rice 369g can (12 pack) Prix: 35.88$76.94$ (dès 06/10/2022 10:07 PST- Détails)

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Fill your dog’s dish with Purina Pro Plan Savor Chicken & Rice Entree Classic adult wet dog food, and give him outstanding taste without compromise. Real chicken is the #1 ingredient in this canned dog food recipe, and every high-quality ingredient is carefully chosen for a specific nutritional or functional purpose. The tender texture and delicious taste keep him coming back for more, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals help to support his overall health and wellness. An optimal protein-to-fat ratio in this canned food helps to promote his ideal body condition, and real meat helps to provide the essential building blocks for his body’s protein needs. This super-premium wet dog food delivers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs to help support a healthy immune system, so you know he’s getting a tasty and nourishing meal. You don’t like to wait for his food any more than he does. Get this Purina recipe quickly with an order from

Wet dog food made with real chicken is the #1 ingredient
Optimal protein and fat levels help to promote an ideal body condition
Provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs
Omega-6 fatty acids help to promote his healthy skin and coat
Provides 23 essential vitamins and nutrients



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